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large product photo Donna Kosanovich

I have trained in several different martial arts for over 25 years. I have earned a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I have also been training in kickboxing/mauy thai and ground fighting for over 20 years. I have extensive training in weapons such as bo staff, kamas, swords, knifes and escrima.

Martial arts has helped me develop into a good, peaceful and aware person. I can always push myself a little harder and I do not have any limitations on what I can learn. It has given me a sense of accomplishment and the drive
to constantly make new goals for myself.

As my instructor says, "Average is Normal,
don't be Normal." -KJN Hector Rodriguez
This website, along with a blog
"Explore Martial Arts", is apart of my
Public Relaitons degree training at
San Jose State Univesity. If you would
like to see more of my student work
, please look at, Explore Martial Arts.

If you would like any more information
or have any suggestionscontact me at donnakosanovich@yahoo.com